Air Conditioning Repair in the Niagara Region Backed by a Worry Free Guarantee

Air conditioner won’t cool? Cooling system making weird noises after kicking on? Don’t sweat it. Expert Niagara Home Services by Enercare technicians are set to help when you need air conditioning repairs in the Niagara Region.

Our technicians are among the greatest in our industry. Rely on them to provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction. We support our outstanding work so much it comes with a worry free guarantee.

Get Faster Air Conditioning Repair with Our Plans

Air conditioning repairs are usually necessary at the worst time, like the warmest day of summer or a weekend. This means you could be waiting awhile for repairs. With one of our affordable plans, you’ll be able to cut the line with 24/7/365 guaranteed priority service. And you won’t pay a penny for overtime or trip charges—ever!

Common Problems with Air Conditioning Systems

These are some of the most common problems with AC systems. You might be able to handle some of these things on your own. However, you should get in touch with us if your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant or making strange noises.

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on. Make sure the thermostat is properly set before examining the electrical panel for a tripped breaker.
  • Air isn’t cold. Verify thermostat settings are on the proper temperature and that your thermostat has power. Then replace the air filter, if you haven’t done this in the past few months. A fresh air filter can increase efficiency and indoor air quality. Make sure the outdoor unit isn’t obstructed by debris and that it isn’t leaking refrigerant. If you locate a refrigerant leak, contact us at 289-273-2229 for repair. If your air conditioner was installed prior to 2011, it probably runs on a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant referred to as Freon®, or R-22. This refrigerant is no longer being made due to its damaging effects on the ozone layer. Since only limited, recycled quantities are available, repairing a R-22 refrigerant leak can be costly. We often suggest air conditioning installation in this situation. 
  • Uneven cooling. Fluctuating temperatures or humidity that’s too high are often caused by leaky ducts, not enough insulation or blocked registers. If none of those things are creating the problem, consider adding blackout curtains on south-facing windows. You can also install a zoning system to regulate temperatures in distinct rooms. As an alternate option, a mini-split heat pump with variable refrigerant flow can take care of heating and cooling troubles in spaces that seem uncomfortable. 
  • Water dripping from unit. Check the condensate line for clogs. This is the PVC pipe exiting the air conditioner. Leaking refrigerant can also cause ice to accumulate on the coils and drip water.
  • Air conditioner is making strange noises. Screeching, clanging, banging or clicking sounds indicate potentially dangerous problems. If you’re noticing odd air conditioner noises, shut it off and call Niagara Home Services by Enercare at 289-273-2229.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t fix the problem, Niagara Home Services by Enercare experts are available to provide support. While we’re at your home, we can also recommend an air conditioning maintenance plan that may help you reduce the potential for repairs and even enhance energy efficiency by up to 30%.** Call us at 289-273-2229 to request your appointment right away!

*Applicable to Enercare Advantage™ customers during the anticipated useful life of the equipment. Terms and conditions apply. **Potential savings may vary depending on age and condition of equipment, personal lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, and installation of equipment and duct system.