Air Conditioning Installation in Niagara Falls with a Worry-Free Guarantee

Your equipment is complex, and your home is unique. Our team at Niagara Home Services by Enercare Home Services by Enercare are trained, certified and licensed technicians committed to serving the Niagara Falls area. We can customize the HVAC system for your home to ensure outstanding installation with a hassle-free guarantee.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

  1. You often need repairs. As your air conditioner wears down, it’s more likely to break down. We offer air conditioning protection plans and replacement options to suit your specific needs.
  2. Repairs are over half the cost of a new air conditioner. Consider replacing your air conditioner through our Enercare Advantage™ rental program. For a low monthly fee, you’ll receive a new high-efficiency system with repairs and maintenance included.
  3. Your air conditioner is more than 15 years old. With annual air conditioning maintenance, your cooling system can last for many years. However, it’s ideal to begin preparing for replacement around the 15-year mark to avoid sudden breakdowns and severe repair issues.
  4. Your air conditioner has R22 refrigerant. If your air conditioner was installed earlier than 2010, it might run on R22 refrigerant. This refrigerant is no longer being produced as a result of its negative effects on the ozone layer.
  5. You want to cut down on energy usage. Purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioner and linking it with a smart thermostat is a good method to save on energy consumption.

Why Choose Niagara Home Services by Enercare for Your AC Installation?

  • Tidy Installation: When setup procedures require us to work inside your house, we’ll put on shoe coverings and drop cloths at the installation location to protect your floors from dirt and debris.
  • First-Rate Service: Our specialists are TSSA-certified. This shows they’ve passed extensive training to receive the most coveted technical certification in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Inspection: We’ll go over an installation checklist during the process to ensure that every detail is covered. We’ll make sure your system is working properly and is up to local guidelines before we leave. Once installation is completed, we’ll ensure you know how to program your new thermostat and unit.

Legal Disclaimers

™/® Enercare, Enercare Advantage, [Service Experts Name] by Enercare and the designs are trademarks of Enercare Inc., used under license.
*Certain exceptions apply. See rental agreement for details.
**Available to Enercare’s heating/cooling protection plan customers, Enercare Advantage™ and Enercare Smarter Advantage™ water heater and/or HVAC customers whose equipment is not operational (i.e. – no hot water, no cooling or no heat). On average, Enercare attends to furnace/boiler, central air conditioner or water heater non-operational calls 90% of the time the same day. Subject to exclusions in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable protection plan or rental agreement.