Energy-Efficient Packaged Rooftop Units for Your Niagara Falls Business

A packaged rooftop system can give remarkable, trustworthy heating and cooling for your Niagara Falls commercial space.

Although these systems are large, many are huge on energy efficiency. Most of our models are ENERGY STAR® certified, which could help your business save more on energy costs. And some can be linked with a solar system for the best efficiency and savings.

When it’s time to update your rooftop system, Niagara Home Services by Enercare can help you find the best one for your business. Plus, we’ll expertly install it and back our work with a worry free guarantee*.

Require repairs or installation at a new building? Our TSSA-certified specialists can take care of top types of commercial HVAC equipment. Having earned HVAC’s gold standard means they’re better prepared to serve you.

Weather, Lack of Maintenance Can Cause Your System to Fail Sooner

An average light commercial rooftop system lasts 15–20 years. But damage from extreme weather—hail, ice or snow—can restrict its life span to 12 years or less.

A lack of regular tune-ups can contribute toward higher utility bills. Dirty evaporator coils and condenser coils can reduce airflow, slash cooling capacity and increase power expenditure by 20 to 50 percent. And a cabinet that isn’t tightly closed can fail to retain conditioned air.

Forgoing tune-ups can make your system break down more quickly, especially if the compressor goes out.

Service calls starting to add up? Our experts can confirm whether you should repair or replace your system.

Extend Your System’s Life Span with Routine Maintenance

Periodic tune-ups makes it easier to uncover costly problems before they start.

Let us handle your HVAC needs by enrolling in our expert Planned Service Agreement. You’ll have more time to dedicate to your business—while keeping your investment in top shape.

The program includes priority service status, live customer service, multiunit discounts—and more. Plus, it will be beneficial to have an HVAC system that could be more efficient and last longer.

During this regular service, our experts will take a close look at your system’s pieces. They’ll also fully clean and lubricate moving parts.

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